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Hong Kong Fund Manager Ronald W. Chan adds Asian Perspective to the Group of Boutique Asset Managers

Founder of Hong Kong based Chartwell Capital Ronald W. Chan has joined the Group of Boutique Asset managers (GBAM).

Chan, author of ‘The Value Investors: Lessons from the World’s Top Fund Managers’, founded Hong Kong investment boutique Chartwell in 2007 and currently serves as Chief Investment Officer for their Asian engagement strategies. Chartwell invests in overlooked quality companies in Asia, encouraging management to unlock business and shareholder value.

GBAM is a global organisation with boutique members across four continents. It is made up of specialist asset management firms, who share ideas with a view to strengthening their presence in international markets. Chan has joined with a view to exchanging experience across the network and ultimately forging stronger ties across the industry.

As an author and an asset manager, Chan is known amongst value investors for his interviews with investment legends. His interviewees include American fund managers such as Howard Marks, Walter Schloss and Irving Kahn, as well as Spain’s Francisco García Paramés and the founder of Tokyo-based SPARX Group, Shuhei Abe.

Since 2016, Ronald has been on the Listing Committee Panel of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. He is also a committee member of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s Belt and Road & Greater Bay Area Committee and the Hong Kong BioMedical Technology Development Advisory Panel. Ronald is also a regular contributor to Bloomberg Opinion.

GBAM Chairman Tim Warrington said,

“We are delighted to welcome Ronald and his firm to the GBAM forum. Ronald has, in particular, a deep knowledge of value management informed both by his own investment practice and his personal connections to many of the world's leading exponents. We look forward to his insights with much anticipation."

Ronald said,

“Political relationships may be floundering but relationships in the asset management industry are flourishing more than ever. I cannot think of a better moment in time when industry needs to come together to share experiences and best practices – I very much look forward to this new journey.”

Notes to editors:

1. The Group of Boutique Asset Managers (GBAM)

GBAM is a global network of like-minded, independent specialist asset managers who have come together to improve their presence in international marketplaces. GBAM describes boutique firms as having a limited range of products, a close relationship with clients, and a relatively flat organisational structure. GBAM firms tend to be small to medium sized, entrepreneurial, flexible and responsive to changing market conditions. Members tend to focus on the manufacture of investment products rather than mass distribution. Ownership tends to be in the hands of founding partners,

GBAM investment professionals describe themselves as innovative craftsmen who have a creative yet focused approach to fund management with a passion for ‘doing the right thing’ for their customers. They are given the freedom to manage, are driven by performance cultures and pride themselves on the intellectual rigour they bring to asset management. As a result of the satisfaction they derive from working in a GBAM boutique they tend to stay with their firms for lengthy periods.

For press enquiries please contact:

John Morgan, Company Secretary, GBAM Ltd., Tel +44 (0)7796262272


Sam Shelton, Senior Communications Manager, Fortuna AMC, Tel: +44 (0)7540336998



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