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GBAM History

The Group of Boutique Asset Managers - History and formation

GBAM was conceived in 2012 by José Luis Jiménez and John Morgan and established at Abadia Retuerta, Valladolid, Spain on the 5th of April 2013. The concept was to bring together senior individuals from boutique asset managers, from around the world, with a view to bringing together busy, but like-minded individuals, to share experiences which could be supportive of commercial objectives. 

It was agreed to hold annual meetings in locations well away from ‘head offices’ to encourage a free flow of discussion and debate regarding matters of common, commercial interest in an informal environment. To this end, annual meetings have therefore been held in Spain (Valladolid), South Africa (Jo’burg), Chile (Santiago). Italy (Siena), Norway (Oslo) and the UK (London and Hampshire).

It was agreed that Membership of GBAM would benefit those executives who were strongly supportive of boutique asset managers and what it brought to the market; who were open to sharing ideas; stimulating in conversation; and interesting in debate. 

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