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Amiral Gestion expands its international network with GBAM

The Group of Boutique Asset Managers (GBAM) is a global network of like-minded, independent specialist asset managers who have come together to improve their presence in international marketplaces.

30th July, 2018.- Amiral Gestion - the independent asset management firm, that bases its investment philosophy on the value investing, has joined the Group of Boutique Asset Managers, GBAM. GBAM is an international grouping of small and medium-sized specialist asset management firms who share the objective of strengthening their presence in international markets.

Amiral, which has offices in Paris, Madrid and Singapore and is planning to expand its business in Italy, joins a select group of international boutiques. Joining GBAM enables it to exchange information while cooperating and identifying best practices in international business development.

François Badelon, founder of Amiral Gestion, said “it is an important step in the process of internalization that we have launched many years ago. The fact of being in contact with exceptional professionals of the industry internationally is, without any doubt, a competitive advantage. Surely we can contribute and learn a lot with our incorporation".

GBAM chairman Tim Warrington said, “we are delighted to welcome Francois and his team into the GBAM group. His experience in Europe and the Far East will greatly strengthen the perspectives we have within the wider group. We look forward to sharing our experiences.”

Amiral Gestion, which manage more than €4,2 billion in assets, will join to companies such as azValor, March AM, Mapfre AM, Aubrey Capital Management, Eichler & Mehlert, First Avenue, Fisch AM, GBM, icf management limited, LarrainVial AM, New Alpha AM, Quaero Capital, SKAGEN, VanEck Switzerland, Afra Capital, Zeal AM and Nextam Partners.


About Amiral Gestion

Amiral Gestion is an independent asset management company, founded in France in 2003, which bases its investment philosophy on the value investing. Its capital belongs 100% to its managers and employees. It has more than 4,200 million euros in assets (*data as of May 31, 2018), managed by an investment team of 25 professionals that offer investment solutions to institutional and private clients, private banks and entities dedicated to the management of familiar patrimony. Amiral Gestion follows a 'contrarian' philosophy in many regions and segments in which it invests, identifying market niches shortly followed and with remarkable inefficiencies. Furthermore, it has a solid experience guaranteed by 15 years of extraordinary results, investing in European and global equities as well as in international fixed income.

The Group of Boutique Asset Managers

The Group of Boutique Asset Managers is a network of senior executives who run independent specialist asset management firms.

The Group was established at Abadia Retuerta, Valladolid, Spain on the 5th of April 2013. The Group has come together to improve their presence of their businesses in their respective marketplaces. They do so by sharing information and promoting their presence both individually and collectively to potential investors. GBAM is a private company limited by guarantee.

The principal activities of the GBAM are:

  1. To foster cooperation among member firms

· To identify best practice and shared experience in all aspects of asset management (research portfolio management, risk control, marketing etc)

· To improve understanding of operating in international markets

· To support members by highlighting their expertise in their chosen fields

· By providing a representative voice in the media

For further information:


Laura Díaz Bettarel

Pablo Maté Fernández


John Morgan,

Company Secretary,

Group of Boutique Asset Managers Tel: +44 1372274041

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