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GBAM boutiques

What makes a GBAM boutique asset manager?

A GBAM boutique is a specialist asset management business - a quality operation with a successful business model, based on a limited range of products, with a close relationship with its clients and the relatively flat organisational structure.  GBAM firms tend to be  small to medium sized, entrepreneurial, flexible and responsive to changing market conditions.  Members tend to focus on the manufacture of investment products rather than mass distribution and they tend to operate primarily, but not exclusively, in the institutional or wholesale sections of the financial services marketplace.

GBAM investment professionals are innovative craftsmen who have a creative yet focused approach to fund management with a passion for ‘doing the right thing’ for their customers.  They are given the freedom to manage, are driven by performance cultures and pride themselves on the intellectual rigour they bring to asset management.  As a result of the satisfaction they derive from working in a GBAM boutique they tend to stay with their firms for lengthy periods.

Boutique Asset Management Business
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